15 -16 MAY 2018 | Royce Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Su Temlett

Digital Learning Leader Curriculum
Barker College

12:10 PM Increasing the Educators Investment in their K-12 LMS platform for Greater Engagement with Students through the use of a strategic, researched and comprehensive Blended Learning model

Having a school wide LMS remains a valuable tool
for a K-12 institution in which to deliver content to
students and to enable increased levels of connection
between staff, students and parents. In schools;
where teachers and students value the face-to-face
relationship and the government requires students
to physically be at school, using a Blended Learning
model seeks to use the online functionality of the LMS
to best enhance the face-to-face teaching, providing
students with differentiated and personalised learning
experience that have some element of control over
the pace and place of their learning. Barker College’s
Blended Learning model seeks to repurpose face-toface
teaching time, putting some aspects of faceto-
face learning on the LMS for students to follow
allowing less teaching “from the front” and more
one to one or group instruction. This session will
detail the most important aspects of designing and
implementing a model for the effective use of an LMS:
 Creating your own unique model suitable for your
context, research, presenting, enlisting executive
 Ensuring campus wide buy-in and retaining
teacher autonomy
 Training in blended learning pedagogy
 Collaborative building of blended learning
courses, utilising appealing design and a template
system for school wide consistency
 Staff and student training in the new LMS
 Going live, creating a shared sense of purpose and
online community
 Assessment, Analytics and Reporting
 Evaluating and Enhancing, Student and Parent Voice
 Tips & Tricks, Successes and hurdles

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