Transforming Pedagogy For Student Engagement and Success: A ‘Theory of Change’ Perspective

Transforming Pedagogy For Student Engagement and Success: A ‘Theory of Change’ Perspective
Strengthening engagement is a goal of many educational quality enhancement and innovation initiatives in institutions across the global higher education sector. At the same time, and as part of this effort, institutions are seeking to leverage digital technologies to better meet student expectations and needs, and to enrich learning experiences.
In this presentation from Online and eLearning 2017, Philippa Levy, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning), University of Adelaide offers a case study example based on the University of Adelaide’s current initiative to support pedagogical transformation for student engagement and success through a number of linked projects. In particular, it focuses on the ‘MyUni Transform’ project which is using institutional transition to a new LMS as the opportunity to support uplift in blended learning design and related educational practice, across the institution as a whole. It draws on ongoing impact evaluation of this change initiative, adopting a ‘theory of change’ evaluative framework, and illustrate its connectivity with other projects including capacity-development in learning analytics, including:
  • Challenges and practical strategies for institution-level educational change
  • Developing educators’ capabilities for digital learning and teaching
  • Supporting evidence-based educational design and interventions with learning analytics
  • Evaluating educational change initiatives to better understand change facilitation

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